1st place on World Trial Championship for EM

After last weekend, very emotional, at the French Trial Championship in Auron, where Gaël Chatagno won the 2 rounds in S1 category, our team traveled to Isola 2000 for the opening of the World Trial Championship.

Not involved last year on the Trial E Championship because against the regulations allowing the battery to be changed during each lap of the race, this year, we wanted to demonstrate that our technologies have allowed classic trial motorcycles to be driven identically

This has been done during the French Championship, 8 days ago, when, as a reminder, our rider Gaël Chatagno finished on top of all classic trial bikes of all brands, in the anteroom of the best riders category.

It remained to demonstrate our technological advances, in a big event, where we had to fight against the power of the KTM/GasGas group and against M. Albert Cabestany, who thanks to his experience and his driving skills would still have his place in the top list of the Trial GP.

We have an amazing team, managed, organized, in the greatest professionalism and extreme happiness. Each of us has his place and has the energy, the passion, a team spirit that makes us very strong.

We were also able to rely on our partners (NILS, HEBO, S3, GECO) who provided the best technical support; it’s on us to show up on the level of their trust.

Otherwise, this championship, of which we are somewhat at the origin (we would like to thank the FIM on this subject), included a bunch of riders at the handlebar of our EM bikes.

Among them, Jérôme Delair, loyal to the brand for several years within his trial school, Julien Perret and Martin Pochez. Gaël, perfectly supervised by a shock team, Guillaume his minder, managed by Christophe Bruand and advised by Marc Colomer, carried out a weekend dream.

Boosted by his results from the previous weekend (2 wins in 2 days), in confidence and in harmony with his 2021 Epure Race, he rode both days beautifully, and left no chance to his main opponent.
He has dominated from the first lap on Saturday, making a perfect lap at 0, where Albert finished at 12 points.
A traffic jam in the areas for the GP riders disrupted the flow of the event, forcing officials to cancel the results of the first lap.
Although not impacted, the Trial E category set out again for a championship over 2 laps.

Rather than being knocked down by such a twist of fate, Gaël was already showing his great mental strength on this occasion and set off again with a flourish of superb passages, in perfect control, surprising the other riders and spectators but also the members of his team who had never seen him dominated his subject so much.

Serene, he finished his day on saturday with one foot on his card knocking out his rival before the final section.

A great emotion, a great reward too, for all, congratulated by many members of the paddock that came to see the success of the small French team who made the Marseillaise play on a somewhat unreal podium.
Note the very good place of Julien Perret who only finished 4 behind the Iberian rider.

Sunday, same thing, different day. Incredible, Gaël extremely focused, confident in his driving skills, serene, has shown a perfect control throughout the long day (3 x 10 sections) made his team «shake» until section 10, of the last lap.
One last section to zero, round 2 was for him. Under the gaze of Albert, omnipresent on

Sunday, our young rider didn’t liquefy and showed extraordinary mental strength (supposedly his weakness… in the past) and masterfully won his second victory in 2 days.

Confirming his leadership position acquired the day before, he has demonstrated to those who doubted it, the very high performance of his bike and its range which would have allowed him to complete the 3 laps with a single battery.

To celebrate this incredible second victory with his team, he almost missed the podium while a second Marseillaise resounded for him.

The perfect weekend, zero problems, a magnificent sun, a very good organisation, he left us quickly to be in good shape today for the presentation of his thesis

A great boy, a great team. To be continued…

Results: FIM Trial World Championship 2020, Round 1 TrialE – day 1
1. Gael Chatagno (Electric Motion) 1;
2. Albert Cabestany (GASGAS) 7;
3. Julien Perret (Electric Motion) 11;
4. Martin Pochez (Electric Motion) 34;
5. Jerome Delair (Electric Motion) 48.

TrialE – day 2
1. Gael Chatagno (Electric Motion) 4;
2. Albert Cabestany (GASGAS) 4;
3. Julien Perret (Electric Motion) 28;
4. Martin Pochez (Electric Motion) 77;
5. Jerome Delair (Electric Motion) 109.

Championship standings: FIM Trial World Championship 2020, (after round 1) TrialE
1. Gael Chatagno (Electric Motion) 40 points;
2. Albert Cabestany (GASGAS) 34;
3. Julien Perret (Electric Motion) 30;
4. Martin Pochez (Electric Motion) 26;
5. Jerome Delair (Electric Motion) 22.

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