2 Dies Trial Santigosa – Clàssic 2017

• 130 participants have been able to enjoy the original essence of the trial in a weekend of more or less stable time.

• The runners emphasize the quality of the trial, the design and good marking of the zones, an adequate difficulty and the general organization of the race.

• The electronic scoring system is implemented in all areas of 2DTSC, with a resounding success. The Moto Club, the drivers and the controls make an excellent assessment.

• In terms of the standings the British Robin Luscombe, followed by Mick Grant and Duncan McDonald, in the PRE-65 category stands out.

This weekend, 21 and 22 October, has been played in Sant Joan de les Abdesses a new edition of the ‘2 Dies Trial Santigosa – Clàssic’ the ninth. Once again, the classic trial has been a meeting point for those who are passionate about the essence of the trial and the most mythical motorcycles, the great majority before 1980.
This year there has been a notable increase in participation, at least a score of more pilots: Catalan, from outside Catalonia and foreigners: from France, Switzerland, England, the Isle of Man, Jersey or Scotland. Thus maintaining the international character of the test.

Punctual, on Saturday at ten o’clock in the morning the first pilot was leaving, with up to 130 pilots finally taking the exit. In advance, between 16 and 20 zones daily, depending on the category, to enjoy a good trial day.
The test has passed normally and, mainly, the pilots highlight the excellent design, marking and adaptation of the areas. They make a very good evaluation jointly with the general organization and the implementation of e-control, electronic scoring system.
We have to regret the loss for injury, on the first day, Englishman Neil Clarke.

Today Sunday, the first pilot has taken the start, at 8.00, giving start to the second day of the competition.
As we anticipated, following the novelty that was presented in April, in the last edition of the 3 Days Trial Santigosa, a new data collection system for controls has been implemented, a pioneering technological innovation in this area, which allows the incorporation of scores through a mobile phone. The device consists of
wifi transmitters, readers for the identification of pilots at the entrance of the area and, by means of an application, the punctuation data are entered and these are sent in an automated way in the career office and are incorporated into the classification program. This system, which was carried out as a pilot test in 4 daily zones in 3DTS, has been implemented in all areas in this edition of 2DTSC. The success has been resounding. Pilots and controls have made an excellent assessment. From the entity, we will continue to develop small improvements that we hope will be a reality for the next edition of 3DTS.

The race ended around 2 o’clock in the afternoon on the Paseo Comte Guifré, site that has hosted, this year, the test neuralgic center. Placing, again, the paddock in the center of the municipality.

A few minutes after closing the race, in front of the apse of the monastery, has been the prize delivery.
In the PRE-65 category, dominated by the British drivers, highlights the victory of Robin Luscombe, accompanied on the podium by Mick Grant, second and Duncan McDonald, third.
Alberto Selma, Kiku Carbonell and Ricard Monge complete the classification of the PRE-72 category.
Michel Ranc imposes in the category PRE-80. In second and third place, Jaume Bonfill and José Buixó.
In the other categories the victories have been for Joan Comas (Classic initiation), Fernando Cabré (Classics); Jorge Alonso (Trialeros) and Víctor Beltrán (Experts).



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