20 years on Gas Gas for Steve Colley

Steve ‘showtime’ Colley needs no introduction to the trials world.. He is one of the most respected riders and ‘nice guys’ of the sport and I’m personally so proud of both being his friend and also his sponsor now for an amazing 20 years on GASGAS!

His skills are still amazing and he treats his shows very serious and prepares for them the only way he knows with 100% professionalism.

I recently watched a documentary on Ryan Giggs and Steve reminds me of Ryan’s work ethic, determination, passion and will to win year after year.


Steve comes from the older generation and joins the riders Lampkin, Jarvis, etc for there sheer will to win and being tough riders.

I wish the current top British Trials stars put the same effort is as the three names mentioned. If they did I know one rider that could be top 3 in the world and another top 6 mentioning no names.

It was great to see Steve at our test day and he really is the superstar of Trials.

Here’s to him and the next 20 years!

Good luck and good health ‘mate’ x

Thanks Trialmag for the pic.

John Shirt Jnr.
Director, Team Manager
C/o GAS GAS Motos Ltd

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