2015 British Trials Championship Results Round 3

Victory for Jorge CasalesDSC_0940More to follow live from the event


Champ Class Rd 3 – Classification Rd3 Experts Rd3 Youth Rd3

DSC_0819 (Small) Jorge Casales (Beta-ESP)

DSC_0841 (Small)James Dabill (Vertigo)

DSC_0565 (Small)Michael Brown (JST Gas Gas)

DSC_0389 (Small)James Fry (Sherco)

DSC_0501 (Small)Superman Sam Connor (Beta-UK.Com)

DSC_0768 (Small)Kurt Brain (Beta)

DSC_0594 (Small)Dec Bullock (Team Roundhouse Beta)

DSC_0450 (Small)BTC Party!!! Yeh!!!

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