2015 FIM X-Trial Paddock – Round 6 Oviedo Spain

Trial Magazine takes its final look at the Paddock from the X-Trial tonight before the action starts.

Who can find Eddie Karlsson asleep!!!! We must remember to wake him for the Trial!!!

DSC_8611 (Small) DSC_8612 (Small) DSC_8619 (Small) DSC_8620 (Small) DSC_8621 (Small) DSC_8624 (Small) DSC_8627 (Small) DSC_8631 (Small) DSC_8633 (Small) DSC_8634 (Small) DSC_8641 (Small) DSC_8644 (Small) DSC_8648 (Small) DSC_8650 (Small) DSC_8653 (Small) DSC_8654 (Small) DSC_8670 (Small) DSC_8671 (Small) DSC_8672 (Small) DSC_8674 (Small) DSC_8677 (Small) DSC_8679 (Small) DSC_8680 (Small)Picture Credit: All rights reserved – Trial Magazine

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