With no machines released to the press, the phone call in late 2015 from the official UK importer of the new TRS brand, Steve Saunders, asking if we would like an exclusive test on the new 300cc was most welcome. This would require Heath Brindley to take the pictures and Phil Disney to test the machine in Spain as we ran up to our deadline – could it be done? You bet it could! They accompanied Steve on the day trip to Barcelona for the exclusive to find out if the new TRS is the ‘real deal’

 Words: Phil Disney with Jonny

Pictures: Heath Brindley@r2w Trials

Jordi Tarres on the left with Steve Saunders

Spain’s first trials ‘Superstar’ Jordi Tarres is the main development man behind this exciting new brand which has started production of a range of motorcycles at its headquarters in Sant Fruitós del Bages, Barcelona, where the company also houses its Research and Development programme. TRS announced its plans for a new range of trials motorcycles at the end of 2013, and now the reality is that new production machines will be available very shortly. The TRS ‘One’ range will initially have three models in its range, consisting of engine capacity sizes 250cc, 280cc and 300cc.

The TRS brand is not a pipedream, believe me, as it arrives on the motorcycle scene with a structured business plan based on years of knowledge and experience in the sports discipline of trials in the two key areas of production and competition.

Adam Raga (ESP)

At the close of the WTC season in September the brand was proud to announce the reunion of the relationship between Jordi Tarres and Adam Raga, as it is Raga who will lead the assault on the 2016 World Trials Championship. The association between these two legends of the sport go back to the late nineties, when Raga was starting out on his destiny to joining Tarres as a world trials champion. Adam Raga has already proved the machine’s superb attributes on the world scene, having given the TRS machine its maiden voyage at the Trials Des Nations where the Spanish team of which he was part wiped the floor with a very clear-cut victory over the rest of the world. As we know Adam has been the only real challenger to Toni Bou in the WTC and it will be interesting to see if he can maintain the challenge in 2016.

Adam Raga (ESP) on the left with Phil Disney (GBR)

Adam was present at the test along with Jordi Tarres to explain the attributes of the new 300cc we were kindly allowed to test.

First Impressions

Now it’s time to put you in the hands of the experienced Trial Magazine test rider Phil Disney: “If first impressions can give anything away I believe the new TRS looks a winner with its very modern and practical aesthetics, which really do catch the eye. This machine is a pre-production model but I am sure it will look even better as the finished product, when any small improvements in the detail have been found. Quality products have been used throughout, which is obvious when you take a close look. I am sure that the forged aluminium twin-spar frame was the correct route to take for durability. Simplicity for ease of maintenance has also been taken into account, and for this reason they have also stayed with the tried and tested carburettor method of fuel delivery. Electronic fuel injection, as we all know, is good but is it essentially necessary on a trials motorcycle? Maybe in the future, but as you will see when we ride the TRS the carburetion was faultless. This model I will ride is the 300cc with its liquid-cooled single cylinder motor and five-speed gearbox.

“The factory has gone with the 60mm stroke motor for the 300, 280 and 250 models, as both Jordi and the design team feel that this brings the best attributes for trials use with its bottom-end power and torque as you open the throttle. Without a doubt a hydraulic-operated diaphragm clutch system is by far the best and this is what they have used; it’s compact and very, very effective. The five gearbox ratios are unique for trials use, and again they have chosen these taking into account the open moorland and tracks found in the more traditional events such as the Scottish Six Days Trial.

“Riding the machine the handlebars felt slightly closer to the body, but once they had adjusted them to suit my style, making the front end much lighter whilst retaining stability, I was much happier. Whilst the fork angle is opened up to gain stability and reduce pushing and washing out on corners, the motor is powerful yet remains linear with very good torque and the whole machine feels light and nimble. With the ultra-progressive rear linkage the rear end soaks up the bumps very well and bottoming out, even on big drop offs, is minimal. The carburetion is sweet and clean and thanks to the latest double spark ignition system with inverted flywheel the whole package complements one another nicely.

“I am delighted with the new machine if I am honest; it ticks all the boxes for me. Small important things like access to the air filter were demonstrated, and it is simple: through a door in the seat area where the filter is attached by a spring-loaded clip, leaving no excuse for not cleaning it! They also explained that the suspension linkage is so easy to remove; all the bearings are located in the linkage so it’s just three bolts and you have all the bearings off the machine and on the bench for cleaning and greasing!

“The TRS will most certainly be a hit as, after my first impressions, I can honestly tell you that yes, this is the real deal.”

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