2015 S3 Jack Wood National Trial

2015 Jack Wood Results (Provisional)

So good to be out meeting and greeting the Trial Magazine readers at the S3 supported Jack Wood National Trial. Once again a superb day out and one the club can be very proud to give to the trials riders who love a traditional event. In difficult conditions we bring you a few images from Gibraltar Rocks and the famous River Kwai!DSC_9123 (Small) DSC_9124 (Small) DSC_9126 (Small) DSC_9134 (Small) DSC_9136 (Small) DSC_9154 (Small) DSC_9175 (Small) DSC_9180 (Small) DSC_9192 (Small) DSC_9201 (Small) DSC_9202 (Small) DSC_9206 (Small) DSC_9208 (Small) DSC_9221 (Small) DSC_9223 (Small) DSC_9226 (Small) DSC_9229 (Small) DSC_9233 (Small) DSC_9256 (Small) DSC_9287 (Small) DSC_9315 (Small) DSC_9319 (Small) 

The results can be found as soon as the club have them at: www.hillsboroughmcc.co.uk

Well done to the club for a superb event – John Hulme

 Picture Credits: All rights reserved John Hulme – Trial Magazine


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