2015 SSDT Trial Magazine Day 1 – A Different View

Trial Magazine would like to thank the Clerk of the Course Jeff Horne for allowing us to go out onto the course with the Press Machine – Montesa/Honda Cota 4RT – supplied and much appreciated from Mickey Oates Motorcycles – www.mickeyoates.com

Trial Magazine rode a full lap and was privileged to be able to take pictures from the ‘True’ SSDT as we witnessed the riders take on the outdoor challenge of this unique event.

A full set of the official results are produced live from each day and can be followed on the organising Edinburgh and District Motor Clubs website: www.ssdt.org

The ‘Real’ SSDT

DSC_4156 (Small) DSC_4267 (Small)


DSC_4189 (Small) DSC_4176 (Small) DSC_4163 (Small) DSC_4157 (Small) DSC_4343 (Small) DSC_4312 (Small) DSC_4300 (Small)


DSC_4276 (Small) DSC_4274 (Small) DSC_4410 (Small) DSC_4385 (Small) DSC_4381 (Small) DSC_4353 (Small) DSC_4349 (Small) DSC_4346 (Small)

Picture Credit: All rights reserved – Trial Magazine – These images must not be used in print or on Social Media


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