2015 SSDT – Trial Magazine – Lampkin Wins!!

DSC_0593 (Small)

DSC_0413 (Small) DSC_0424 (Small) DSC_0425 (Small) DSC_0430 (Small) DSC_0474 (Small) DSC_0527 (Small) DSC_0593 (Small) DSC_0606 (Small) DSC_5909 (Small) DSC_5927 (Small) DSC_5949 (Small) DSC_5979 (Small) DSC_5997 (Small) DSC_6014 (Small) DSC_6036 (Small) DSC_6047 (Small) DSC_6049 (Small) DSC_6066 (Small) DSC_6092 (Small) DSC_6128 (Small) DSC_6202 (Small) DSC_6227 (Small)

A full set of the official results are produced live from each day and can be followed on the organising Edinburgh and District Motor Clubs website: www.ssdt.org

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