2015 SSDT Trial Magazine Paddock

DSC_4142 (Small)                                                                                                                Always Working

DSC_4135 (Small)                                                                                                            Sherco Family

DSC_4122 (Small)                                                                                                                Happy Days

DSC_4110 (Small)                                                                                                              Girls Allowed

DSC_4098 (Small)                                                                                                           Team Espania

DSC_4088 (Small)                                                                                                   Trial Magazine Press

DSC_4045 (Small)                                                                                                              Its a massive ‘Yes’

DSC_4035 (Small)                                                                                                                 Street Party

DSC_4008 (Small)                                                                                                        The Legend – DL 12

DSC_3968 (Small)                                                                                                          A very happy Manel

DSC_3943 (Small)                                                                                                    Michelin @ the SSDT

DSC_3916 (Small)                                                                                                                      Emma ‘B’

DSC_3910 (Small)                                                                                        Yet another SSDT for Nigel Birkett

DSC_3891 (Small)                                                                                                     Anyone fancy a bet?

DSC_3859 (Small)                                                                         The ‘Dream’ comes alive – SSDT 2015 Vertigo

DSC_3858 (Small)                                                                                                              EK on Camera

DSC_3808 (Small)                                                                                                  Team Montesa – Honda

DSC_3765 (Small)                                                                                                            New Boots

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