2016 Berks Bonanza Super Trial’ 20th – 21st August

Jack Price (Gas Gas)

The hugely successful ‘Berks Bonanza Super Trial’ organised and run by North Berks MCC is in its 10th year of running in 2016. This prestigious event at its famous venue Seymour’s Arena venue in the little Oxfordshire village of Aston Tirroll will run over two days on the 20th and 21st August.

Iwan Roberts (Beta)

Over the last 10 years it has seen some famous names come and go including Graham Jarvis winning the first one but chased hard all the way by Sam Connor, Michael Philipson and Steve Saunders. Michael Brown won the second year with the likes of Johny Walker, Lee Sampson and Mika Vesterinen close behind all trying to win the big cash prize. King of the Berks Bonanza Super Trial though with 7 victories is James Dabill who has always been chased hard by Alexz Wigg, Sam Haslam, Ross Danby, Jack Challoner and many more. Unfortunately this year James will not be able to defend his title due to other commitments and so there will be another name for the 10th anniversary on the winners trophy with the likes of Michael Brown, Alexz Wigg, Jack Sheppard, Ross Danby and Sam Haslam all trying to get their hands on the Berks Bonanza cup and the £850 that goes with it. With the up and coming super stars of tomorrow Jack Price, Dan and Jack Peace, Toby Martyn, Iwan Roberts, Tom Minta and more names to follow will we have a new winner?

Michael Brown (Gas Gas)

Work has started on changing all the sections with 2 laps of 8 sections for qualifying and then the top 8 riders will be going through to the final of 1 lap of 10 sections where after 5 sections the 4 highest scorers drop out leaving 4 to chase to the end to see who is the ‘King of Seymour’s’ this year.

Toby Martyn (Beta)

On Saturday it’s the ladies, girls and sidecars with 2 routes for the ladies and girls battling it out over 2 laps of 10 sections to see who goes through to the final. With reigning World and British Champion Emma Bristow on the Sherco the others have all got a hard task in front of them which will include Becky Cooke, Jess Bown, Victoria Payne and Louise Alford. On the B course they’ll be a great battle with local girl Alicia Robinson, Alice Minta, Gabby Whitham, Jen Stephens, Catherine Alford and Charlotte Kimber.

Alexz Wigg (Gas Gas)


Moreton Road, Aston Tirrold, Didcot, Oxon OX11 9AW

Jack Peace (Gas Gas)

Picture Credits: www.trialmaguk.com



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