Toni Bou (Repsol Honda-ESP)

Toni Bou came back from a poor first lap to take victory at the Belgium trial GP with Raga second and Cabestany third. There won’t be much rest for the riders and teams as they pack up and head to the UK to attend Parkwood Tong Yorkshire for 2 days of world championship action 16/17 July.

Will Graham Jarvis’s carefully planned British style sections prove tricky for the world’s best? One thing for sure if it rains there will be many marks lost as riders will find grip difficult on the muddy banks. Will this play into Yorkshire’s James Dabill hands? Only Saturday and Sunday will tell!

Don’t miss out on this World Trial extravaganza with Bou and co. But also competing are the World’s Best women riders with defending champion Emma Bristow.

Admission and camping is available on the gate each day, the gates open 07.30am with the first riders departing around 09.15 each and the presentation of awards 3.45 ish.

Picture Credit: Trials Media

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