2018 Jersey Two Day Trial – Get Entered

2018 Jersey Two Day Trial – Get Entered

Are you looking for that perfect end to your trials season? Well look no further than the 2018 Jersey Two Day Trial.

Take a trip over to Jersey in the Channel Islands where for the ladies you can get them special Christmas presents all at tax free prices and for the men a superb two day trialling and maybe a few beers!

The trial consists of two separate days of action on different locations on the island on Saturday and Sunday. With sensible hazards and different routes to suit riders of all abilities why not make that extra effort to get your-self to the event.

The two day event will take place on the 10th/11th November 2018.

Entries close very shortly so if you are wanting to get entered or find out more information on a trip to Jersey contact Jen Cornick.

Tel: 07829 769189 or you can e/mail to: trialsjsy@gmail.com


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