2020 Scottish Six Day Trial (SSDT) and the Pre 65 Trial

The SACU is closely monitoring the spread of this virus at the moment. We are acutely aware that our two largest events in the calendar are nearly upon us, The Scottish Six Day Trial (SSDT) and the Pre 65 Trial.

Although the Government has applied some measures at the moment, they will not affect any of our events until the virus escalates.

The government’s position is that there is no reason to close or cancel sporting events as things stand, but contingency plans have been put in place.

If developments mirror those in other parts of Europe, sports events that attract large crowds are likely to be either postponed or played behind closed doors.

If the situation changes and the virus escalates, we will take direction from government and implement the necessary actions required.

As the Governing Body for Motorcycle Sport in Scotland we have taken the tough decision that competitors from Category 1 countries such as Italy will not be allowed to compete in this year’s SSDT and Pre-65.

Please follow the link below for advice and guidance.



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