30th anniversary and end of season for RG Trial

The RG Trial team had a special weekend in Lazzate, Italy. Two special events took place: the team celebrated its 30th anniversary and manager Rudi Geiser announced the end of the RG Trial adventure .
The last two rounds of the world championship season have shown that Gabriel Marcelli definitely has the level to grab the podium in TrialGP. In Trial2, Francesc Moret and Billy Green failed to make the top 10. 

Spaniard Gabriel Marcelli stood out in the last two races of the season in TrialGP. On Saturday he finished 6th and Sunday he took 4th place. In the final general classification, he ranks 6th for his first year in the elite. 

Gabriel Marcelli in Lazzate (photo: Pep Segales).

Gabriel –

We ended the season in Italy with a very positive weekend, even though I lost 5th place overall, I fought for the podium both days and I think this year I have shown that I am have the level to be a “high level” rider, the truth is that the season has been very positive, I am very happy with the team but unfortunately this is my last year with the RG Trial Team, I want to thank my colleagues and especially Rudi for these two great years by your side, you helped me train as a pilot and as a person, thank you very much the team!

The Spaniard Francesc Moret  had a more complicated last weekend of competition. He finished 14th on Saturday and 11th on Sunday. He finished the season in 11th place in the general classification in Trial2. 

Francesc Moret (photo: Pep Segales).

Francesc –

It was one of the worst weekends of my sporting career … neither of the two days I got to ride well, I made some really stupid mistakes in the different zones! It was a very hard world championship for me because things didn’t go well at all and morally it’s very hard! But the worst part is that our boss Rudi and the RG Trial Team are retiring from the races … and after three years in this team, full of great times with the boss, it’s very complicated not to imagine seeing Rudi on the races! For me he has been and will be a great gentleman. Thank you Rudi for all your support!

Englishman Billy Green  was not at the party either. He finished 16th and 14th of the two weekend races to finally take 13th place overall. 

Billy Green (photo: Pep Segales).

Billy –

This weekend was not as I had hoped, the sections were not too hard but could be easily messed up. I was unfortunate to have too many little mistakes which resulted in more 5’s than I would have liked. I feel I have not done myself justice this year and I am ready to start working hard towards next year. Now I must say thank you to all of the team, montesa and sponsors for their contributions towards this year and to Rudi for making 30 years of the team!

The weekend marked the 30th anniversary of the RG Trial Team. To celebrate the event, Cédric and Didier Monnin made the trip to Italy. These two former riders were the first to ride in the RG Trial colors.

Cédric (left) and Didier Monnin (right) with Rudi Geiser.

The two brothers started in 1990 with the RG Trial Team and they obtained a total of 4 Swiss championship titles.

The first and last riders (with their follower) of the RG Trial team together in a single photo (photo: Walter Wermuth).

30th but last season for the team … Rudi Geiser announced this weekend to these riders and those close to them that he was not continuing the RG Trial adventure on the international scene.

The three drivers of the team wore a jersey in honor of their manager Rudi Geiser (photo: Pep Segales).

This retirement of Rudi Geiser will also leave a void in the paddock. Among the teams which paid tribute to him, the Montesa factory team congratulated Rudi on his career.

Rudi Geiser surrounded by his pilots and the Montesa team in which Toni Bou appears, titled this weekend for the 14th time in TrialGP.

In three decades, the RG Trial team has achieved exceptional results. The complete list: 

1 x world champion Trial 2
1 x vice world champion Trial 2
1 x European champion
1 x vice European champion
7 x Swiss
1 x German champion 1 x Swedish champion

These results are the result of hard work and carried out with passion. They were mostly made possible thanks to the support of the many people who revolve around RG Trial.

Rudi Geiser warmly thanks all the sponsors, the staff, the material suppliers, the friends and the family, the loyal supporters around the races, the pilots and more particularly Jane and Walti for their invaluable help during all these years.

Rudi Geiser bows out after placing one of his drivers, Gabriel Marcelli, in the TrialGP category for the first time in his career (photo: John Hume).
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