Help Wanted – MAC 250cc Ossa

This nice renovation project has come the way of Classic Trial Magazine.

For those of you who do not know it’s a MacDonald Auto Cycle.

Only six were ever built with Ossa engines, the other 2 had a Bultaco and a Mickmar engine installed.

The machines were built by Duncan MacDonald of Armac and REH front forks fame in the mid-seventies. In our opinion it’s the vision of the later aluminium Monocoque

Trials machines such as the early water-cooled Beta and way ahead of its time.

We would love to see any pictures of them from readers if possible.

Needed to put the machine to its original condition are a pair of black VF Vacuum Former mudguards and we are not sure the rear silencer is correct.

Please e/mail if you can help in any way to:

Picture Credits – All rights reserved: Classic Trial Magazine John Hulme

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