Flashback 2017 – TrialGP – Czech Republic

It’s a time for reflection as we should be in the Czech Republic for the opening round of the 2020 FIM Trial World Championship.

Here we take a ‘Flashback’ to the last time we were at the country for a world round in 2017.

James Dabill (Gas Gas-GBR)
Jack Price (Gas Gas-GBR)

In TrialGP at the top of the pile was Toni Bou. Representing Great Britain were James Dabill and Jack Price.

Team Jack Peace (Gas Gas-GBR)
Dan Peace (Gas Gas-GBR)
Toby Martyn (Vertigo-GBR)
Hugo Jervis (Beta-GBR)

In Trial2 representing Great Britain were the Peace brothers Dan and Jack, Toby Martyn and Hugo Jervis.

Emma Bristow (Sherco-GBR)
Jess Bown (Scorpa-GBR)

In Ladies TrialGP we had at the top of the pile Emma Bristow. Also representing Great Britain was Jess Bown.

Alicia Robinson (Beta-GBR)
Nikita Smith (Gas Gas -GBR)
Victoria Payne (Sherco-GBR)

In Ladies Trial2 representing Great Britain were the Alicia Robinson, Nikita Smith and Victoria Payne.

TrialGP will return bigger and stronger after the dreaded Coronavirus disruption but in the meantime everyone stay safe and strong.

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