The championship moved to the open and exposed Shaftoe Crags venue at Morpeth Northumberland for the third and fourth rounds of the championship this weekend. The Tynemouth & District Motor Club event catered for 47 riders across the four classes, which made up the British Championship events over the two days of action. Both rounds played out over three laps of twelve hazards in overcast, but fine warm weather.

In a dramatic twist at the third round of the ACU British Trials Championship, current championship leader, Jack Price, and his nearest championship challenger, Toby Martyn, went head to head to fight for the win. They both parted with 24 marks forcing the organisers to consult the rule book and a tie-breaker, which saw Price take the top step on the podium.

With the confidence from his win the previous day, Jack Price was much happier to take a clear victory in round 4, but this time it was the two Peace brothers who he had to fight off. It was Dan who held the lead after the first lap, but Price came fighting back to pull clear over the last two laps as Jack Peace became more consistent to finish just one mark behind his elder brother to finish third.

Jack Price: “After the opening round of the FIM Trial World Championship last week I have more confidence in my riding, which has enabled me to open up a healthy point’s advantage as we pass the halfway point in this year’s ACU British Championship. The Michelin X-Light tyres performed at their very best in these varied conditions and such was my confidence in them I used the same sets of tyres on both days of the competition to take the wins”

The championship continues with a move to the South of the country on the 16th June for the West of England Trial.

 Round Three: The Reed Bowl Trophy Trial – 1: Jack Price (JST Gas Gas UK) 24; 2: Toby Martyn (Beta) 24; 3: Jack Peace (MRS Sherco) 38; 4: Iwan Roberts (TRRS UK) 40; 5: Dan Peace (MRS Sherco) 52; 6: Andy Chilton (BMS Scorpa) 66; 7: Jack Sheppard (MRS Sherco) 70; 8: Billy Green (RG Montesa/Honda UK) 73; 9: Hugo Jervis (TRRS UK) 102.

Round Four: The Reed Bowl Trophy Trial – 1: Jack Price (JST Gas Gas UK) 23; 2: Dan Peace (MRS Sherco) 27; 3: Jack Peace (MRS Sherco) 28; 4: Toby Martyn (Beta) 31; 5: Iwan Roberts (TRRS UK) 52; 6: Billy Green (RG Montesa/Honda UK) 69; 7: Jack Sheppard (MRS Sherco) 76; 8: Andy Chilton (BMS Scorpa) 78; 9: Hugo Jervis (TRRS UK) 141.

Trial GB Championship Positions – After Round 4 of 8

1: Jack Price (JST Gas Gas UK) 75; 2: Toby Martyn (Beta) 64; 3: Dan Peace (MRS Sherco) 56; 4: Jack Peace (MRS Sherco) 50; 5: Billy Green (RG Montesa/Honda UK) 38; 6: Iwan Roberts (TRRS UK) 37; 7: Andy Chilton (BMS Scorpa) 37; 8: Jack Sheppard (MRS Sherco) 27; 9: Hugo Jervis (TRRS UK) 27;

10: James Dabill (Beta) 20; 11: Tom Minta (BMS Scorpa) 16.


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