A mixed return to business for RG Riders at TrialGP

Last weekend at Isola 2000, the three riders of the RG Trial team entered in the world championship started their season. Two races were on the program, and they did not really smile on our riders. Gabriel Marcelli had his baptism of fire in the Trial1 category, while Francesc Moret and Billy Green started a new season in Trial2.

Spaniard Gabriel Marcelli finished 12th and 10th out of 12 drivers in the two races at Isola 2000. 

Complicated weekend at the World Cup in France, after so many months without competition at world level, we had the opportunity to start in the premier category. Things didn’t go as we expected and the results weren’t the best, but now we know what we need to tweak for the next races.

The other Spaniard on the team, Francesc Moret , lined up in Trial2, finished 6th and 5th during these two French rounds.

Last weekend, we were at the first round of the World Championship in Isola 2000! It was two days of intense racing. On Saturday we had a new race schedule … we had a good first lap with no time penalty, but at the end of the race the race direction told us it was canceled and they would only count two laps and they changed the race time! We had a good race, but we made an absurd mistake and we could only be tied for seventh with sixth and close to the top spots.
Sunday we did three laps; the first two I was very consistent with practically no mistakes … they gave us a five for considering that I had stopped too much … but in the third lap I made two technical errors including two five and they took me off the podium to fifth position … I want to thank my follower, my team, my bike and the sponsors for doing a great job … at the end of the week we continue the championship in Pobladura de las Regueras.

Englishman Billy Green , also in Trial2, finished 15th and 14th last weekend.

On the weekends I was riding well and doing zero point sections and surprised myself but also made a lot of stupid mistakes that ended in five points. It obviously cost me dearly and the result was not what we wanted. I will solve this problem in Spain! Thanks also to the sponsors, as always, and to Montesa for preparing the bike well.

The next two rounds of the world championship will take place in Pobladura de las Regueras in Spain from this Saturday . All behind the team pilots so that they find their way back to the podium!

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