ACU Aklams Beta Ladies & Girls Championship

Lincoln M.C.C. & C.C. 2nd A.C.U. Acklams Beta Ladies & GirlsChampionship Trial.

Lincolnshire Trials Park, Hatcliffe, Lincs.

Championship trialling returns to Lincolnshire after several years off the national trials scene but in the hands of experienced and right up to the minute organisers right across the board.
Mike Evans has planned the three lap twelve section course with four section routes for the forty four

Magan Savage
Megan Savage

The adult championship class features the top seven scorers from the opening trial plus Scott Trial finisher and enduro rider Chloe Richardson. The Skeeby university student is currently in top trialling
form. Emma Bristow on current form is favourite but Becky Cook will be on her case on Saturday.

Megan Savage heads Class A. The Barnsley girl is descended from trialling family. Her great grandfather Harvey was hot in the fifties, her late grandfather Martin in the sixties and her father Neil who competes with her currently. Gabby Whitham and Alicia Robinson will be aiming to beat Megan.

Catherine Alford heads the Ladies Inter class ahead of Bury graphic artist Charlotte Kimber and the determined Hannah Richardson. Olivia Pearson is also making waves on the northern trials scene.

In Class B the tough Alice Minta will take no prisoners. The Telford girl rides boys and girls championships, and gets the right results but North East Centre girls Amy Turpin and Molly Mayhew are regular class winners in their Centre.

Class C contains the other Mayhew -Amelia and yet another Richardson – Amber who tracked her three cousins two weeks back in Coverdale riding more or less the same sections-with attitude !

The Lincolnshire Trials Park will be alive on Saturday. The action fires up at 10.31 when Emma Bristow leads the field off the start ramp.

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