ACU OSET British Solo Youth B, C, & D Trials Championship 2016

ACU OSET British Solo Youth B, C, & D Trials Championship 2016 – Final Instruction

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Howden Wood Holden Lane Silsden
West Yorkshire BD20 0LS

Latitude: 53.900048 Longitude: -1.9093801


Machine Examination

Commence: 8:15am
All bikes will need to have passed scrutineering prior to signing on. Once your bike has been checked and passed it will then be held in parc ferme.


Commence: 8:15am
All riders must produce a valid ACU Trials Registration or SACU Licence, as per NSC 7.12. MCUI Licence holder must provide proof of Insurance and a written Start Permission document issued by their FM, as per NSC 3.09.


Officials/Observers Briefing: 9.30am Riders Briefing: 9.45am

Start Time

The first rider is scheduled to commence at 10:01am.
Riders will be set off, by class, at 1 minute intervals.
Please collect your bike from parc ferme, in order of start time, making your way to the start area in time to be lined up and ready to start at least 5 minutes before your allotted start time. There will be 2 Courses therefore two lots of riders will set off at the same time. Please ensure that you refer to your individual start and finish times on the riders list below.

Time Limit

51⁄2 hours
Riders will be timed ON at the START, then OFF at the LAST section.


All of the sections and some of the route used in this trial are located on private land for which the landowner’s permission has been obtained. Please do not prejudice its future inclusion in this and other trials by inconsiderate or inappropriate behaviour. There landowners have instructed the club that NO DOGS are allowed at this venue. Its use today does not imply authority for access at other times without specific permission, therefore the course will not be accessible prior to the day of the event – Gates will be opened on Saturday 9th April at 9am.

Routes & Notes

This event is routed along or across public rights of way. Competitors must exercise caution and reduce their speed accordingly near other path users. Be especially careful near horses.

There will be 12 Sections / 3 Laps. All sections will be numbered and must be ridden in numerical order, as instructed. Riders must follow the route in the correct direction. It is the responsibility of the rider to ensure that

Punch cards must be kept within the riders posession at all times. Punch cards are to be changed at the starting area.

Riders Assistance

Each Rider may register one Assistant to accompany them on the course and carry tools. The Assistant must comply with the following:

  • The Assistant must be a minimum age of 18 years
  • The Assistant must pay a fee.
  • The Assistant is NOT allowed to ride a motorcycle.
  • The Assistant will only be allowed into the boundaries of a section if their rider is in that section and if

    specifically invited by an official.

  • The Assistant must wear identification supplied by the organizer.
  • The rider and the assistant must sign a declaration that the rider is responsible for all the actions of the

    assistant. In the case of an injury, a substitute assistant may be registered.


    A designated area for fuel store and re-fuelling will be provided within the starting area.

    Road Crossing

    There is an unclassified road situated between the parking area (Rough Holden Farm) and the actual venue. Riders and spectators alike must exercise extreme caution when crossing. Rider must dismount and push their bike across the road. For your safety and that of other road users marshals will be in place for the duration of the day.

    Parents, Assistants & Other Spectators

    Please respect the Officials & Observers as per TSR27.

    Accident / First Aid

    Any incidents and / or accidents must be reported to the Clerk of Course or the Secretary. Any riders who retire from the event must inform an official prior to leaving the event. The first aid kit will be located in the events trailer, officials will be on had to call upon the on-site qualified First Aider, should the need occur.

Full Final details and rider list in .pdf version can be downloaded here ..  Final Instructions ACU 46970

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