Adam Raga adds his fifth podium of the season in TrialGP

Adam Raga secures the second position of the TrialGP World Championship after signing his fifth podium of the season in the British town of Tong. In Trial2 difficult day for the TRS drivers, where the best result has been for Luca Petrella, fifth, in a very tight race.

The fifth race of the TrialGP World Championship has gone through the demanding areas of the ParkWood Offroad Center in Tong, highlighting some complex river paths where mud has been the main protagonist.

It was not an easy race for Adam Raga , since he had to overcome an important error in the first zone of the day, loading him of a fiasco that has forced to him to manage the race with certain stress to recover ground and to ensure at least the podium . Raga completed the first step in the points with 20 points, while a brilliant second with only 10 points finally placed him in third place, just 2 points behind second-placed Takahisa Fujinami.

Complicated day in Trial2 for TRS drivers in a very even race. The top ranked Luca Petrella , fifth, was just 3 points behind the podium. Both Marc Riba , tenth and Sam Obradó , fourteenth, have entered the points. Do , for his part, has finished seventeenth.

In Trial125 it was the last race of the year. Successful mistakes throughout the day have prevented Eric Miquel from retaining third place in the championship, finishing the race in eighth place and fifth in Trial125 in a season where the brand new TRS One 125 has won two podiums.

The next round of the TrialGP World Championship will be held in Kingman, Arizona, United States, from 28 to 30 July this year.


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