Adam Raga consolidates the second position of the World X-Trial

The Arena Nova of Wiener Neustadt (Austria) has been the scene of the second round for the current edition of the X-Trial World Championship. Adam Raga, completed an extraordinary qualifying round in second place, with few points from Toni Bou, a position he would hold until the end of the race.

Adam Raga knew it was important to secure a good position in the qualifying round. He quickly gained an advantage with Toni Bou and both fought to the last section for the first position. Finally, Raga signed a great result with only seven points, two more than the first classified.

The final was even more difficult and had to be very concentrated in each of the six sections. Of all of them has been in the third section where Raga has been able to secure a place on the podium after overcoming it with only a penalty point. Finally Raga achieved an important second position in this difficult race.

In the equator of the championship Adam Raga is second with a difference of ten points of the leader. The third race will take place on March 25 in Marseille.

Adam Raga (TRS):  
“I’m happy with my riding and how things have turned out. During the qualifying round we have been close to the first place, standing out against the other rivals. The final was very difficult. We could have made a better result in section one and five, but we are happy with second place and continue with real options in the championship. “


1) Toni Bou (Repsol Honda Team): 5 points
2) Adam Raga (TRS Factory Team): 7 points
3) Jeroni Fajardo (Vertigo Factory Team): 12 points
4) Albert Cabestany (Sherco Factory Team): 13 points
5) James Dabill (Gas Gas): 16 points
6) Takahisa Fujinami (Repsol Honda Team): 18 points
7) Franzi Kadlec (Gas Gas): 24 points
8) Loris Gubian (Beta): 25 points

1) Toni Bou (Repsol Honda Team): 16 points
2) Adam Raga (TRS Factory Team): 26 points
3) Albert Cabestany (Sherco Factory Team): 27 points
4) Jeroni Fajardo (Vertigo Factory Team): 30 points

1) Toni Bou (Repsol Honda Team): 40 points
2) Adam Raga (TRS Factory Team): 30 points
3) Jeroni Fajardo (Vertigo Factory Team): 21 points
4) Albert Cabestany (Sherco Factory Team): 21 points
5) Takahisa Fujinami (Repsol Honda Team): 8 points
6) James Dabill (Gas Gas): 8 points
7) Jaime Busto (Repsol Honda Team): 6 points
8) Franzi Kadlec (Gas Gas): 3 points
9) Loris Gubian (Beta): 1 points

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