Adam Raga leads the superiority of TRRS in the Spanish Championship

Adam Raga has achieved an impressive victory in the second round of the Spanish Championship, held in the town of Sigüenza, in the context of a very demanding race, where the TRRS rider has signed the best results of his category in both laps.

Victory also for Sondre “Gekko” Haga in TR2, with podium for Eric Miquel, and first place for David Millán in TR3.

Adam Raga  
Race: P1 Standings: P5
“I am very happy with the result and the sensations that we have had in this race. We are still adapting the rhythm of outdoor races and today’s victory confirms that we are in the right line of work. It has been a great day for the entire TRRS team”.   

Jordi Tarrés  
Team Manager TRRS
“Today’s results speak for themselves. The satisfaction is compleye. We have led the three main categories, which demonstrates the strength and effectiveness of our team. I want to congratulate all the TRRS riders and I am confident that we can keep these successes during the season”.   

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