The Brand TRRS and the Motoclub Centpeus, have reached an agreement to continue promoting Trial Sports!

The Trial Area, the largest one in Europe, with more than 600 members, a huge extension of land and big diversity in terms of sections and type of terrains, has the legal and official license of permanent Trial practice and has contributed  enormously to the growth and consolidation of Trial sports in general and more concretely in the province of Barcelone, where practicing Trial had become not much easy recently, being an example to follow on other places no doubt, like is happening in different countries in mid/ north of Europe.


Those Trial facilities, at disposal of TRRS for all kind of tests, product presentations and events, can be used as well from now on by all official TRRS riders with an agreement with the Brand and the corresponding Distributor, Spanish and from all countries.

From TRRS, it has been confirmed the intention to extend this type of initiatives and support to other Trial Areas, which comply with current regulations, aware of the great work that is carried out in all of them and of the enormous benefit that is transferred to the industry of Trial.

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