Apico Makes a Clean Start

26p X2 WC Edition

Apico are now the distributor of Clean Bike Trial Bicycles for the UK market. In what was not a predicted move for the Off-Road Motorcycle Distributor, it made sense to add a related product to the off-road portfolio and grow into the emerging UK market of Bike Trial, something once known as cyclo trials back in the late 70’s early 80’s.


Clean offer a range of 20” & 26” Wheeled bikes from the X1 entry level, X2 mid-level and X2 World Cup editions. The main differences in these are the grades of crank, braking systems, frame diameters and items such as the carbon forks available on the World Cup Edition X2. There’s a specialist K1 version for those wanting the ultimate in a light-weight bike trial cycle that has a full carbon frame and forks. To date, in the 26” wheeled sector of the bike trial market, Clean are the only company in the world to offer a full carbon framed bike. Not forgetting the S1 entry level range for the young rider, available in 18” & 20” versions.

K1 20 Carbon

Motorcycle Trials has always had a close link with Apico Factory Racing. It interested the DirectorsDylan Brown & Anna Lena Eriksson when they received an invite through Hebo to the Sea Otter Europe Festival in Girona, Spain to see the commercial launch of a new bike trial brand Clean. Hebo & Clean are closely linked due to their markets and the fact that they share the same majority shareholder in both companies. The Sea Otter Classic is a huge outdoor cycle industry festival, usually held in Monterey California, and this was the first to be held anywhere else in the world.

26p X2 WC Edition


It was at Sea Otter Europe that the Directors were introduced to Multi-Bike Trial World & European Champion and brand creator Abel Mustieles. Abel created these bikes initially to give himself the edge in World Competition, and in doing so made one of the finest Bike Trials cycles you can buy.Also in attendance at Sea Otter Europe were Toni Bou and Adam Raga, made ambassadors at the show for the Clean brand through their links to Hebo, were presented with their own Clean bikes. As former Bike Trials World & European Champions themselves, what better endorsement is there to show how a bike trial or motorcycle trials rider may start their journey to become the best in the world?

Clean is now part of the same company as Hebo, and as the UK distributor of Hebo Trials, it made perfect sense for Apico Factory Racing to also distribute Clean cycles in the UK. The close link with Motorcycle Trials and Bike Trial, or Cyclo Trials as some of you may know it, will give Apico Factory Racing and its dealers the opportunity to extend into the cycle market and further the Clean Bike brand within the off-road sector.


Alongside the range of Clean bikes, Hebo have designed their range of clothing and protection for the bike trial rider. With everything from helmets, shin guards to cycle t shirts, shorts and trainers, there’s a full range of products also available through Apico Factory Racing.


Abel: “CLEAN BIKES was born with 1 objective. To bring a technical solution to the market from the positive elements of tried and tested machinery, coupled with the improvements sought bymyself, a Multi-World Champion, to build the perfect Bike Trial machine. We strive to make a bike with the very best materials on the market, and source parts we are not able to manufacture ourselves from the world’s top aftermarket cycle parts manufacturers. I am excited to see how we can work with Apico Factory Racing to develop our UK market share and provide a world class product for their customers.

Dylan: “It was with great deliberation and anticipation Anna & I decided to embark on such a project outside of our known market. We saw a product that could be used without consideration for noise restrictions and licensed tracks as with off-road motorcycling. This is an everyday product for a mass market with less investment to the end user, in both time and money, than off-road motorcycling. There’s a definite crossover with motorbike trials riding, and with bikes available for the very young just getting into the sport, right up to the Carbon framed 20” & 26” full professional cycles there’s a Clean bike for everyone”.


Anna: “I can see the youth market being a real area for growth. It’s the type of product a parent can take for their child on the weekend to a Trial, and he can use and practise with minimal supervision. You see many kids doing this at motocross events on their BMX’s, why not on a Cleanbike at a trials event?”


Dealers can enquire about becoming a Clean Bike Trial stockist or stocking Hebo Bike Trials clothing & protection by e mailing sales@apico.co.uk and requesting a catalogue and price list.

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