Beta announce line-up

Beta has announced the line-up of its Official Team in preparation for the 2019 Trial World Championship. The team will consist of two official riders and four who will participate in a project aimed at training future talents. This decision comes from the Tuscan company’s commitment to boost the trial sector and, specifically, that of sports competitions.

James Dabill

James Dabill (in the picture) will continue to be the star of the team, competing in the Trial GP class with the task of taking the Evo Factory ever higher.

John Lampkin and Toby Martyn

The official team will be completed with Toby Martin (in the picture with John Lampkin, Beta importer in UK) joining the TR 2. The Brit – who has already raced for Beta in the youth categories – was a major protagonist of the TR 2 in 2018 and has stated that he will be aiming for the title this upcoming season.

John Lampkin – Beta UK

Toby Martyn signs with Beta for two years.

We are very pleased to announce Toby Martyn has signed to ride for the Beta factory racing team for the 2019/20 season. After narrowly missing out on the T2 WTC this year Toby will contest the T2 class again in 2019 which will give him another year of WTC experience. Toby will be part of the official Beta team.

Toby rode Beta bikes throughout his schoolboy career winning the B and A class titles. Toby also won the European youth championship with Beta.

Already Toby is making plans to train over the winter in both Spain and Italy where he can make full advantage of the better weather conditions and also ride with the Spanish riders as they are the best in the world. Toby will contest the Spanish championship as it is probably the hardest national championship in the world which will be great experience for him. He will also contest selected Italian and British events depending on the calendar.

John Lampkin – “It will be great to have Toby back on a Beta next year. He is one of the top young riders in the world and we are looking forward to working with him as he is a very talented young rider and works incredible hard at his riding both on and off the bike. Beta are focussed on working with young riders and Toby will be a big part of their future plans.”

Toby Martyn – “I am very happy to be riding for the factory Beta team for the following two years. It is going to be a pleasure to be part of such a professional team which will help me try to make my WTC dream come true. Thank you to everybody who has supported me this year. I am now excited to work towards the 2019 season.” Toby.M # 212

In 2019, however, Beta will take massive action also in the young rider market, focusing on a number of them in order to train and providing them with technical and sporting support so that they can achieve great goals.

We are talking about Luca Petrella and Sergio Piardi, who are both called upon to fight for the top positions in Trial 2.

In 2018, Sergio Piardi triumphed in the European Junior class and won the Trial 2 Italian Vice-Champion title, whereas Luca Petrella ranked third in the Italian Championship TR1.

In Trial 125, Beta will have some very young riders in its team, namely Carlo Alberto Rabino and Nick Ball.

The Women’s Trial is also of great importance to Beta: Women’s Trial 2 World Champion Alex Brancati will make the big leap into the Women’s Trial Gp, once again racing for the Top Trial Team.

With riders of this calibre, Beta will be competing with a young and winning team. It also wishes its riders all the best for the upcoming season, hoping that it will bring many victories and experiences that will help them grow to the fullest of their potential.

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