EVO 2T Factory MY16 (1)Developed directly from the 2015 World Championship motorcycle – During the end of the 2015 season the Beta Factory Team which had just won the 125cc Youth and Cup World Championship worked with the Research and Development department of the Tuscan company to further develop the machines until it reached the new EVO Factory MY 2016 models which are even more advanced technically. This new high-end trials motorcycle will be produced in the following versions: 125 – 250 – 300 2T and for the first time 300 4T as well.


This has always been the machines best asset and for 2016 there will be further developments, namely as far as the reduction of weight is concerned. A lighter motorcycle enhances performances and means greater ease of handling, which in turn makes movements of the machine easier, namely those on the rear wheel as required by the riding style of the most expert riders. Among the most significant new features of the 2T versions are: Only for the 300 version, the mapping of the control unit, which produces greater linear output and brings together the benefits brought by all the other updated mechanical components.

EVO 2T Factory MY16 (2)

The titanium exhaust manifold considerably reduces weight and enhances the performance of the engine throughout its use.

Magnesium engine casing which noticeably reduces weight.

Silicone pipes of the cooling system that, with a new mix, improves the thermal exchange.

EVO 4T Factory MY16Also and including the 4T model the most important modification compared to the standard version is the introduction of a new titanium exhaust silencer which sensibly reduces weight and enhances the performance of the engine throughout its use as well as increasing its control and response regardless of how you turn the throttle. The sound is completely different as well, thanks to an extreme racing-style, “aggressive” design.


Single shock absorber with white spring; it has the same benefits of the one fitted on the Evo standard 2016 with a coaxial tank: with greater hydraulic progressiveness ensures an excellent absorption of impacts, thereby ensuring maximum drive and grip on large obstacles.

White forks fitted with Factory caps with an outer adjuster to manually change the extension. This ensures easier intervention to keep the response of the front always under control. A smooth, gradual movement provides maximum comfort and remains a reference on the market.

The aluminium triple clamp structure created from the solid red frame brings a key added value in terms of torsional stiffening of the front end and lighter weight.

Speacial Components

Wrist kill switch which allows you to use the motorcycle under 100% safe conditions.

Anodised handlebar caps, preserve the handlebar grips and ensure correct operation of the throttle at all times.

Footrests created from the frame with non-slip steel design ensure maximum grip of the boot even under extreme conditions and offer a considerable reduction of weight.

Racing disc brakes ensure a more powerful braking action, a more aggressive look and are lighter.

Braktec clutch and brake Master Cylinders for greater braking modularity.

X-Light Michelin tyres, lighter and providing greater adhesion.


Great care was also placed on aesthetics. Indeed Evo Factory 2016 is enhanced with new graphics and red details, such as the cover of the cylinder head and silicone pipes. There are also many anodised racing details: wheel rims, fork plate and oil filler plug. The magnesium engine casings are still black, entirely in line with Factory’s style.

EVO 2T Factory MY16 (4)

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