Beta SSDT help sheet.

For SSDT riders ‘on confirmation of entry’ please telephone Gary (01756 793521) to sign on for our back up service or e mail him at and inform him of your riding number and which bike and engine size you will ride and also your address and credit card details. There is no charge for the service, only if you use any parts.

You must sign on with us before you go to the SSDT. Please do this as soon as you receive your riding number.

We supply spare parts, tools, compressors etc to help service your bike at the SSDT. Below are some helpful tips designed for people riding in the SSDT or you may find some things helpful anyway. These are modifications that we make to our own bikes. A lot of these things apply only to riders competing in the SSDT. Obviously, these are only guidelines, you must prepare your bike fully. EACH YEAR WE EXPERIENCE PROBLEMS FROM RIDERS WHO DO NOT BOTHER TO DO THE JOBS LISTED BELOW. SOME THINGS MAY SEEM UNIMPORTANT BUT THEY ARE ALL THERE FOR A REASON.

The SSDT committee have decided that they will be stricter with regard to us helping you with your bike so make sure you are able to carry out the work yourself.
Try to prepare your bike fully 2 weeks before so you are prepared well in advance. It is very difficult for us to do work on the Sunday before as we have a lot of riders to look after. Test your bike on the road for a minimum of one hour before arriving to the SSDT.

If your bike is over one year old or has done a previous SSDT I advise checking the main bearings especially if the engine has a wining noise, this is not essential but if you are unsure get somebody experienced to listen to your bike, also change radiator hoses, head insert “O-ring”, head gasket and water pump impellor. If you have had your bike from new then this work is not critical as you will know the history of the bike. If you do not know the history, then this is worth checking.

Download the full check sheet below .. 

Help sheet 2020 ssdt PDF



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