Beta SSDT Help Sheet


Beta UK have released their SSDT Help Sheet for all Beta riders.

“For SSDT riders ‘on confirmation of entry’ please telephone Gary (01535 655970) to sign on for our back up service and inform him of your number and which bike you will ride and also your address and credit card details. There is no charge for the service, only if you use any parts. You must sign on with us before you go to the SSDT.

We supply spare parts, tools, compressors etc to help service your bike at the SSDT. Below are some helpful tips in the form of our Help Sheet, designed for people riding in the SSDT or you may find some things helpful anyway. These are modifications that we make to our own bikes. A lot of these things apply only to riders competing in the SSDT. Obviously these are only guidelines, you must prepare your bike fully. EACH YEAR WE EXPERIENCE PROBLEMS FROM RIDERS WHO DO NOT BOTHER TO DO THE JOBS LISTED BELOW. SOME THINGS MAY SEEM UNIMPORTANT BUT THEY ARE ALL THERE FOR A REASON.”

SSDT help sheet 2016

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