Birkett Scorpa Race Report

The final 2 rounds of this year’s RT Keedwell British Trials Championship would come to a close at the ever fantastic Bob McGregor trials academy. Just a week on from one of the toughest Scott Trials of recent years many riders found it hard with fatigue and struggled to find there normal level of riding needed for BTC sections.

Birkett Scorpa leading duo of Andy Chilton and Tom Minta came into the final rounds of the championship in 7th and 8th place overall. With chances to gain on these positions slim it was all about securing there current placings. Sandy Mack and his team put on a great standard British championship event, with weather on the worse side the rain giving the sections that little extra spice. Both Chilli and Minta would show signs of some fantastic riding but inconsistency would put pay to better finish positions for both! Sunday would be more the same. The transition from Scott trial to BTC event showed in there riding throughout the weekend. The positives were the pair would secure there best overall championship position!  It’s been a great season for both riders and Birkett Scorpa having 2 bikes in the top 10 of the premier British championship class.

Andy Chilton

Chilli – ‘ As for the weekend I’ve been far from my best. We’ve had a busy month of important events and been prepared for each one 100% has been difficult. I’m unhappy with how I’ve finished the championship as I feel I showed more promise at the start of the year, however I can’t be unhappy at my best ever finish in the top class of 7th. This is a great positive and something I look to build on next year. I have to thank everyone who has helped me throughout the year.’

Tom Minta

Minta – ‘ I’m delighted to finish 8th in this year’s championship. My first time in the top 10. This was the aim at the beginning of the year. I’ve managed to be consistent in finishing inside the top 10 in the second half of the year so I want to make sure I do this from the start in 2019. The weekend in Scotland was tough. Sections were mint but was hard to get into my best riding having been flat out Scott training the best few weeks. Thanks to Nigel and June for been there over the weekend and also all year! Here’s to a better 2019’

Nigel Birkett – ‘ The boys were far from great over the weekend and I know both will be first to admit that. However, I think having a British Round after the Scott along with a busy schedule at this time of year which include 2 BTC round, the lakes 2 day and the Scott all with 4 weeks of each other is something the ACU need to look at for future years! The weekend was one of the best venues on the calendar and used at possible the worse time of year. We seem to have a long period in the summer with nothing happening and I see this the ideal time for these events. Hats off to Sandy and his team for the effort despite the low entry numbers. Back to the lads I’m over the moon and so proud of what they’ve achieved. Having 2 Scorpa’s in the top 10 shows the strength of the bike. Overall the team have had a fantastic season in the British championship. I thank both Chilli and Minta for the continued effort they both put in for the BTC rounds.’

Birkett Motorsport Scorpa would like to thank all there associated sponsors for there support this season.

Dunlop UK

Putoline oils

Rittratto sport clothing

Rainer boots

Apico factory racing

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