Blast from the past

Not long after the European manufacturers entered the trials bike market in the early 70’s there was also a change in the clothing the riders were wearing, out went the waxed cotton jackets and trousers and new modern materials and styles started to be seen. Suddenly there was colour!

Some of the companies that have come and gone since those days include Brema, Trap, Mototenica, Ellgren and perhaps one of the most recognisable was Garibaldi.

Garibaldi used new techniques of manufacture and very technical materials, and riders sponsors and bike company logos were often part of the design and dyed into the product rather than sewed on at a later date.

In the world rounds it was Jordi Tarres who was very visible in the Garibaldi clothing and here in the UK the Trick Star of the day, Jason Finn, was a company ambassador.

Here we can see a couple of Jason’s Garibaldi advert/promo videos from back in the early to mid 90’s

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