Bou continues to reign in Sigüenza

Toni Bou has imposed itself with authority in the historical seguntina locality;Epicenter of the third test of SPEA RFME Championship of Spain Trial 2017, second scoring date for the TR1 .

In addition to the Montesa-HRC rider, they have also won with the triumph in the Gabriel Marcellí lands, in TR2; Sergio Moreno in TR3; Adrià Albejano, in TR4; Martín Riobo, in Junior; And Álex Canales, in Cadet. .

A total of 75 drivers have taken the start in this third race of 2017.

The SPEA RFME Championship of Spain Trial 2017 has visited in its third shift of the season the city and municipality of Sigüenza . Located in the province of Guadalajara, in the upper valley of the river Henares, this small town of almost 5,000 inhabitants has become in recent years a mandatory stop for the Spanish top specialty competition. Not surprisingly, since 2012 has hosted in five of its last six editions.

The Moto Club Alto Henares , its organizer, has arranged for the occasion a journey of about 11 kilometers; Very similar to the one marked in 2016 and with the Plaza Mayor of Sigüenza, with a rectangular structure and a porticoed gallery to one of its sides, as a point of departure and arrival of the event. In total, 12 sections -10 for Cadet and TR4, and 11 for TR3 and Junior-, predominating in them the large boulders of sand and granite typical of the area, together with the earth and loose stone.

As it happened in the previous test, the following six categories have been reconvened: TR1, the queen class, as well as levels TR2, TR3, TR4, Junior and Cadet. Also, a total of 75 pilots have taken part in this third race of the year; The second valid for the maximum category.

In the latter, in particular, the winner has been Toni Bou (Montesa-HRC); Followed by Adam Raga (TRS), second, and Albert Cabestany (Sherco), third. The eight-time All-Spain Champion and current champion of the title has added his second victory here in 2017 after three weeks ago in Mallorcan territory; And continues today without knowing the defeat in the Trial of Sigüenza since the city seguntina joined six seasons ago to the great family of the CET.

Bou has closed the first step for the compulsory zones with a total of 14 points, while in the second advance by them -TR1 is the only category in which their pilots pass twice in a row in the same area before undertaking the Next – has barely scored 12 points on his card. Raga, on the other hand, has finished second to him in the podium after accumulating 14 and 16 points, respectively. Cabestany, on the other hand, needed 18 and 19 points to take the last podium spot.

As for TR2, the silver category of CET 2017, the victory has corresponded for the second consecutive race to Gabriel Marcellí with a total of 3 points; 2 less than Aniol Gelabert, second, and 21 less than Sam Obradó, third in the end.

In the other levels in action, the winners have been the following drivers: Sergio Moreno, in TR3 and his return to the championship; Adrià Albejano, in TR4; Martín Riobo, in Junior; And Álex Canales, in Cadet.

The fourth event of the SPEA RFME Championship of Spain Trial 2017 will be played on June 11 in Arnedillo , La Rioja, and will be run by Moto Club Calahorra. In it, as here, the categories TR1, TR2, TR3, TR4, Júnior and Cadet will take the exit;Levels to which they will join Feminine A.

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