Bou Crowned Spanish TR1 Champion

Toni Bou has been declared champion of Spain absolute for ninth occasion after being second in the Andorran locality of Sant Julià de Lòria; host again of the SPEA RFME Championship of Spain of Trial two years later. Albert Cabestany took the win, while his teammate Miquel Gelabert took third place .


Toni Bou

Gabriel Marcelli, in TR2; David Millán, on TR3; and Martín Riobo, in Junior, have been the other pilots who here also have risen with the title in their respective categories.

A total of 76 riders have taken the start in this seventh race of 2017, the penultimate seat for TR1 this season .

After three months of parenthesis as a result of the summer holidays and the outcome of the TrialGP World Championship , the SPEA RFME Championship of Spain Trial 2017 has reactivated this weekend in the Andorran town of Sant Julià de Lòria. This small town in the Pyrenees has been resting in 2016 the epicenter of this new test of the CET. To be exact, from the sixth scoring date for TR1, the level of greatest difficulty and exigency of the championship. In addition to the maximum class, have also entered into action TR2, TR3, TR4, Junior and Cadet.

Neither more nor less than a total of 76 riders have taken the start in this seventh race of 2017, the penultimate value for the maximum class of the National this season.

The Federation Motorcyclist d’Andorra has been in charge of carrying out this GP’Andorra 2017; an event whose route, with a total of 12 zones and to surpass in two laps, has recovered part of the sections seen three years ago during the last visit of the Trial of Nations to Andorran lands.

Toni Bou (Montesa-HRC) has today added its ninth absolute Spanish crown; the seventh followed with his current team and brand. It has done so after finishing second, thus breaking its immaculate streak of triumphs that treasured this 2017 in the CET of TR1. However, this place has earned him a mathematical assurance of the title after finishing his top rival for the same, Adam Raga (TRRS), in the fifth position.

By the way, Bou has equaled Jordi Tarrés as the most successful driver in the premier class of the Spanish Championship.

The winner in Andorra has been Albert Cabestany (Sherco). The tarraconense, who did not climb to the top of the podium since Peñarroya 2011, closed the first step for the mandatory zones with a total of 5 points, while in the second entry in the same -TR1 is the only category in which its pilots pass in two consecutive times by the same area before undertaking the next one – it has penalized 10 points. Bou, second classified as we said, has done so after accumulating 16 and 4 points, respectively.Miquel Gelabert, on the other hand, needed 19 and 8 points to climb to the bottom of the podium for the second time this season.

The silver category of the CET 2017, TR2, has crowned for the sixth consecutive time to Gabriel Marcelli with a total of 6 points; 12 less than Aniol Gelabert, second, and 30 less than Eric Miquel, finally third. In this way, the Galician driver becomes the new monarch of the category.

In the other levels in action, the winners have been the following pilots: David Millán, in TR3; Guiem Soler, in TR4; Martín Riobo, in Junior; and Pau Martínez, in Cadet.Millán and Riobo, too, have also managed to win the title.

The eighth and penultimate race of the year will be held the next 18 and 19 November in an unprecedented location to date in the SPEA RFME Trial Trial: the Valderrobles Turolense locality, run by the Moto Club Trial Matarraña.

Classifications of the SPEA RFME Championship of Spain 2017 Trial in Sant Julià de Lòria, Andorra, here .
Provisional classification of SPEA RFME Championship of Trial 2017, here .

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