Bou remains unbeaten in Arnedillo

Toni Bou was awarded the victory in the municipality of La Rioja; Headquartersfour years after a new appointment of the SPEA RFME Championship of Spain Trial, the third for the TR1 this season. Adam Raga and Jeroni Fajardo have seconded him to the podium .

Gabriel Marcelli, in TR2; David Millán, in TR3; Adrià Albejano, in TR4; Gil Vila, in Junior; Pau Martínez, in Cadet; And Mireia Conde, in Feminine A, have been the other winners of the day .

A total of 67 drivers have taken the start in this fourth race of 2017 .

After two months of parenthesis as a result of the start of the new TrialGP World Championship, the SPEA RFME Trial Championship 2017 of Spain has returned to activity returning this weekend in its fourth shift of the season to the Riojan locality of Arnedillo .

This small municipality in La Rioja Baja and almost immersed by a mountainous mass in the middle of the Cidacos valley has been the epicenter of this new test of the CET 2017; The third scoring for TR1, the level of greater difficulty and exigency of the championship. In addition to the maximum class, TR2, TR3, TR4, Junior, Cadet and Femenino A have also entered into action; The latter absent from the contest since the first race of the season disputed in late February.

That is, a total of 67 drivers have taken part in this fourth race of the year.

The Moto Club Calahorra, with the help and collaboration of the Riojana Federation of Motorcycling , have been in charge of carrying out this XXVI Trial of Arnedillo; An event whose route, with a total of 12 zones and to surpass in two laps, has turned out to be practically set foot in the seen in 2013.

Toni Bou (Montesa-HRC) took the win, ahead of Adam Raga (TRS), second, and Jeroni Fajardo (Vertigo), third. The eight-time All-Spain Champion and current leader of TR1 has added his third consecutive win of 2017 here and continues to today without knowing the defeat in the domestic competition.

Three in CET 2017. In fact, the Montesa-Honda rider has already climbed to the top of the podium four years ago in what was to date the National’s last visit to Arnedillo.

Bou has closed the first step for the mandatory zones with a total of 10 points, while in the second entry in the same -TR1 is the only category in which his pilots pass twice in a row in the same area before undertaking the Following – has penalized only 4 points. Raga, meanwhile, has been ranked second after accumulating 16 and 10 points, respectively. Fajardo, on the other hand, needed 17 and 12 points to climb to the bottom of the podium.

The silver category of the CET 2017, TR2, has crowned for the third consecutive time to Gabriel Marcelli with a total of 4 points; 9 less than Jose Maria Moral, second, and 18 less than Aniol Gelabert, finally third.

Mireia Conde, Berta Abellán and Maria Giró have won the first three places in Women A. The two-time All-Spain Champion, Conde, has achieved his first victory of the year after totaling 15 points. Abellán has added 21 points, while Giró has finished clearing the podium to Neus Murcia in the tiebreaker by zeros, since both have signed a card with 26 points.

In the other levels in action, the winners have been the following pilots: David Millán, in TR3; Adrià Albejano, in TR4; Gil Vila, who has been released as a winner in Junior; And Pau Martínez, in Cadet.

The fifth and sixth race of the SPEA RFME Championship of Spain Trial 2017 will be played on the 15th and 16th of July in Sant Corneli, Barcelona, ​​and both will be in charge of Moto Club Baix Berguedà . In it will take the exit the 12 categories convened this year by the CET: TR1, TR2, TR3, TR4, Junior, Cadet, Female A, B and C, Juvenile A and B, and Veteran.

Classifications of the SPEA RFME Championship of Spain Trial 2017 in Arnedillo, La Rioja, here .
Provisional classification of SPEA RFME Championship of Trial 2017, here .


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