Bradford & District Motor Club. National Allan Jefferies Trophy Trial

Bradford & District Motor Club. National Allan Jefferies Trophy Trial, 30-07-2017.

The Allan Jefferies Trophy Trial will take place on July 30th but it will be a totally changed Jefferies this year.

Due to heavy tree planting between Halton Gill and Yockenthwaite the crossing from Littondale over into Wharfedale is not possible. The organising team have worked hard to retain the traditional national and it will run over a twenty four mile lap and feature many well known sections.

The plan is either forty sections or thirty six sections of which many will be dual routed. The North Yorkshire National Parks authority have given their permissions to use a track from Diamond Pastures, at the head of Park Rash over to Starbottom, in the Wharfe valley. Raisgill, Hag Gill, Redmire Farm, back to Starbottom then return to different sections in Diamond Pastures.

Gone this year will be the traditional Halton Gill Reading Rooms headquarters and the legendary Halton Gill Ladies catering service. The Listers ravine below Park Rash will be the first section group.

Robert Close has granted his permission for parc ferme to be in his pastures behind his steel fabrication workshops at Kettlewell. That will be less than a hundred yards from the Kettewell garage so the fuel question is settled.

There will be a refuelling point midway at Redmire Farm.

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