British National Cycle Trials Cup 2016

British National Cycle Trials Cup 2016

Round 5 – Final   


The final round for 2016 British Cycle Trials Championship was staged at Hook Woods in Surrey, by the Bike Trial Federation UK. This event was also the tenth anniversary of the Federation something also to celebrate. The 2016 series started off in Oxfordshire, round 2 moved to Ayrshire then Pocklington in Yorkshire and moved across to Blackpool moon rocks in Lancashire for round 4 to finally end up in the south

Sunshine was forecast for the Sunday, but Saturday when it was to be set out the heavens opened up and stayed raining till dark so the sections were to be set out and all taped in the early hoursBy the start time eight sections all taped had been laid out ranging from the Elite class right through to the two Beginner classes. Five sections on the left side of the woods using rocks, gulley’s and slabs and 3 on the other side of the woods, 2 laps with 2 minutes on the clock per sectionall sections observed and all with punch card operators and time keepers. By the start time the sun was out and sections were starting to dry out

Steve Rogers - Elite class  (Section 5)
Steve Rogers – Elite class (Section 5)

By the end of the first lap the Elite riders Andrei Burton (Echo) from Devon handed his first card in and was on 10 marks lost, Owen Gawthorpe from Wales on 16, Dave Kerr from Glamorgan on 17Aaron Duke from Scotland on 27. Steve Rogers (Orange onefrom Essex 4marks adrift of Aaron. Section 5 caused all Elite an Inter senior riders to time out first lap but the second lap all would manage to make it through.Adam Morewood (Jitsie) and Charlie Rolls (Crossbow) were on 2 wins and 2 second places on the previous British rounds and both riders lost just the 3 marks on the first lap all just one mark each on the same section so it was going to be very tight who would end up British Expert champ.

Andrei Burton - Winner British Trials champion 2016
Andrei Burton – Winner British Trials champion 2016

Section 6 with the V in the tree a rocky uphill gulley with concrete slabs and a jump over the mud which was a boxed taped obstacle if riders dropped in it or broke the tape a 5 would end of on their card. Nicolae Zaharie (Breath) just could not make it to end gates losing time on the 2ndslab Tom Astbury (Bionic) on watching the other riders decided to take it their way and was well happy when he cleaned the section. Will Ackerley (Crewkerz) had a brilliant ride being in single figures each lap and would end up taking the win in the Expert Senior category. Samuel Meeten(Onnit) after having a clean first lap had to have a dab going across the rocks and a further dab on the slope neither the less he went on to take the gold in the Primary senior class with Nate Robinson also Onnit the  silver and Elliott Cooper (Hashtag) bronze. MaxWard (Onza) just missing the podium when he lost full marks on section 7 where Andrew Chai (GU) from Derby was happy with his 3 marks lost here and the bronze was his. Section 8 was good to watch being laid out by the Hook woods diner rocks, slabs and the new feature of the big sawn down tree trunk which had not been ridden beforeBeginners / Novice riders would have telegraph poles to go over first then to outskirt the rocks all tight on time but all would go clean here or drop just the 1 mark. Andrei Burton would end the day taking the British trials cup win so congratulations to him.Dave Kerr the runner up. After the trial and during the time when the scores cards are added up a Cycle speedway took place when riders could have a little fun against each other and being timed, the bikes used were the same specifications so no advantage here. Steve Rogers and Dan Wheeler raised laughter when they both came of spectacular on the first jumps but in the end Toby Smith took the senior win on 19.60 seconds from Tom Astbury and Adam Birchmore the junior win on a time of19.66 from Carl Weightman.

Charlie Rolls  (Section 8)
Charlie Rolls (Section 8)

Thank you to all concerned in the staging of the British Cycle trials Cup  to the Spectators and all the riders.   

The awards from series sponsor TRIALTECH and TARTY BIKES.         presented by Chairman George Eyre and Administrator Barbara Wright.

                                  Photography by Gary Attfield.

superb final round of the 2016 Championship.


Full Results can be viewed on Bike Trial Federation Web site

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