British Youth B, C and D Championship, Rd’s 4 & 5

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This weekend sees the Isle of Man Youth Trials Club play host to rounds 4 and 5 of the 2016 ACU Oset British Youth B, C and D Championship on the coastal rocks at Scarlett Point and Scarlett Farm.


The views will be spectacular and the competition intense as the fantastic entry of 60 riders tackle the relentless seaside volcanic rocks used previously in the Manx Two Day Trial and in last year’s Ladies and Girls event.


All of the main contenders will be in attendance with star B class rider Billy Green looking to continue his winning streak and build on his recent fantastic podium results at the British Trial GP a couple of weeks ago in Yorkshire. His closest challengers will be Oset rider Oliver Smith and Daniel Slack who hold onto second and third in the Championship standings respectively.


In the C class standard wheel it’s Jack Dance who is dominating the season so far this year and will be hoping to take another 20 points. Battling it out behind him will be a group of riders including Ollie Smith, Scots rider Jamie Galloway, Harry Bowyer and local riders Bobby Moyer, Owen Chestnut and Oscar Lace who will be hoping for lots of home support. Also riding the event will be the current leader of the Girls British C Class Championship and another local competitor Kaytlyn Adshead who is fresh from her latest win last weekend in East Sussex.


In C medium wheel the two Harry’s, Hemingway and Turner will continue their battle which Harry H is currently leading after winning to first two rounds, Harry T taking the last round in Devon. Dominic Horne will be doing his best to break their dominance on the prototype 24inch Oset as will Morgan Shepherd and Henry Stephenson.


Myles Hutchinson remains unbeaten in D medium wheel and will hope to leave the Island with this record intact but will be kept on his toes by Charlie Crossland and Alfie-Ray Turner.


It’s the younger of the Hemingway brothers, George who is currently top of the pile in the D small wheel class, but will be pushed all the way with Toby Shaw and Jasper Fox hot on his heels. Another good representation of local riders in this class includes Stanley Cubbon and Kai Kiernan both capable of challenging for the podium.


Taking place over two separate courses of 12 sections each day, the action will be close and the standard will be high.

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