Broadway & Bulltor Lanes. Taddington

Good news folks, another rider has come forward to give evidence from the 1980s. We still need more Broadway/ Bulltor Lane riders & drivers though. Those few that we have will assist but we seriously do need more of you.

Video to remind you of the route;


We ask that you email our team, who will send you a user evidence form to complete which can be sent back to us for correlation – then we will pass the forms on to DCC as a bundle. Before you write anything down please contact our dedicated help line and give them your contact details, then they will send you a form;

Another route that we urgently need your help with is that which runs from Back Lane, Conksbury, just north of Youlgreave. The route passes through the farm yard and field at Meadow Place Grange to finally exit across the ford and up the hill just below Over Haddon. The River Lathkill is the one that generally disappears down to a trickle in good weather summers. For this route we really just need some good evidence of folk simply using the lane, whatever the time period. The video shows the route to remind you of what we might lose;


Again, please initially contact our Team for a form and guidance;

Thanks, your patience is appreciated.



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