BVM-Moto Burglary

BVM Moto has been hit by thieves overnight, below is a list of bikes and items stolen.

Please keep ears and eyes open for any information that could help and contact them on 01453 297177, or inform the Gloucestershire Police

Sherco 2014 250cc
Sherco 2016 250cc
Sherco 2016 300cc
Sherco 2017 250cc
TRS 2018 250cc
Beta 2017 250cc
Beta 2010 250cc
Beta 2018 300cc
Montesa 4rt 2005
TRS 2017
GasGas 2005 280cc
Oset 2017 16.0 Racing
Oset 2017 20.0 Racing
Jitsie Varial 20″
Jitsie Varial Mini
Large selection of Wulf Gloves and £500 in cash was also taken.

Police have all the information and doing everything they can.

Phone and web orders are running as usual, sorry if we arent our usual selves over the coming days as we try to clean up the mess.

Please keep an eye out for any of the above bikes.

Craig, Laurence & Rick

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