BVM Test Day


Trial Magazine visited the Cotswolds recently where, for the first time in several years, BVM-Moto ran their famous test day.

The day started at 9.30 am at the frosty but bright quarry situated just above the Gloucestershire town of Dursley and, as has been the case for all of the previous events, anyone with a crash helmet and a pair of trials boots could turn up and put their name down for a 15 minute ride on their chosen machine. When they had finished that ride they were free to return to the office and find another bike that was free.

This gave the riders a chance to try several machines on the same terrain in the same conditions, these test days are about the only way most riders would have the chance of doing this.

Beta, Gas Gas, TRS, Scorpa and Sherco all had machines available on the day covering all of the cc range.

Beta rider Toby Martyn was also in attendance, showing us all how to ride the steep quarry steps.

Trial Magazine wish to thank everyone at BVM and the venue for their hospitality and great organisation. Hopefully this will once again become an annual event.

Small gallery from the day, riders and importers enjoying the sunshine! ..

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