Cancelled SSDT update

The Scottish Six Days trial, cancelled in 2020 due to the pandemic, has unfortunately been cancelled for the second successive year. The event, founded in 1909, has only ever been cancelled for the two world wars and in 2001 for the foot and mouth outbreak.

The organisers have considered the various options with regards the entries that were carried over from 2020. It was thought only fair that  entries will not be carried forward again for 2022.  Therefore, in October 2021 the entries for SSDT 2022 event will open online and if applications surpass the number of places available then the usual ballot process will take place.  The organising committee felt this was the fairest way to move forward.

The organising Edinburgh & District Club are very aware that the loss of such a major event in the calendar is not only a massive blow to the sport and all those involved, but also to the Lochaber area particularly Fort William. The Club would like to reassure everyone that they will be working closely with all of the stakeholders, landowners and managers, organisations and agencies that are involved to ensure that we come back in 2022 with a fantastic event.

The Club would like to thank everyone for their continued support and look forward to SSDT 2022.


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