Picture Credit: Justyn Norek Snr


 I first came across Carlo Ramella many years ago when I was making some enquires about motorcycle trials sales brochures. As I became involved with Trial Magazine and then Classic Trial Magazine later the name appeared many times. Wind the clock forward and my good friend Justyn Norek Jnr contacted yours truly to tell me that he had found the very first Honda RTL 250 that Eddy Lejeune had tested whilst developing the prototype RTL 360. Carlo had purchased the machine, but how did we know it was that Honda RTL 250?

 Words: John Hulme – Carlo Ramella – Justyn Norek Jnr

Pictures: Justyn Norek Jnr – Justyn Norek Snr

Picture Credit: Justyn Norek Jnr

Anyone in the world of motorcycle trials will remember the exotic Honda RTL single-shock trials machines that appeared in late 1984. Steve Saunders was a works rider at the time for the British based Armstrong Company, contesting the world championship on its two-stroke Hiro powered machines. He had seen the prototype four-stroke machine at the end-of-season World rounds in 1984 and managed to ‘blag’ a test ride. From that moment on he knew it was the machine he wanted, to chase his dream of becoming the world trials champion.

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