Clean Trials

From CLEAN´S perspective, both fields, sports and technology have always been linked each other.
In 2015 CLEAN launched it´s first model and just two years later reached world and european titles, besides presenting to the market the first 26” in history made using a carbon fiber frame with which they vinced on it´s first race on the 2017 world cup.
The huge efforts for developement and evoliution to bring a product to the maximum standards of quality, needs the support and contribution of the best team for a nonstop work.
The CLEAN´´s competition Team faces the 20” category as well as the 26” and women.
We invite you to get to know them more deeply to follow their soprtive evolution through the new sports site of the official Team.
“behind a top product, besides engineering and research, its it a priority as well counting with a great Team made of riders that can bring the highest requirements and the proper sensibility to launch to the market an excellent and quality bike.
On our site you will have the chance to follow the performance of all our bikes and riders on the most tough races.
Abel Mustieles has been all live practicing trial; he has been three times world chamipon and three more for europe, being in 2014 when he decided to create and launch his own trial bikes brand and company. Today, CLEAN sells in ,ore than 25 countries and keeps working in order to launch the first and new carbon fiber bikes that will make a difference and a stop and go on that discipline.
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