Colomer GasGas Sports Manager

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We are pleased to announce that as of today, Marc Colomer is to take up the post of the new Gas Gas Sports Manager. The good position of the company and the work done by Albert Casanovas  -who we thank enormously for his dedication as team manager throughout this season which has seen Jack Peace and Jack Price win the Trial125 and Trial2 World Championships– which has once again put Gas Gas into the highest point of the international panorama.

Marc Colomer, who up to now was Gas Gas Trial Technical Advisor in the Gas Gas R&D Department, will now combine his previous functions with those of the new Sports Manager. He will be taking on the management, organisation and planning of the trial team in both national and international competitions.

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After a lengthy professional career, which led the rider from Olot to win four world titles (one world outdoor in 1996 and three indoor, from 1994 to1996), Colomer has also added five National titles and nine wins in the Trial des Nations to his long list of successes.  It is this experience he will be bringing to the whole team and which he will be able to transmit to the riders, both national and international, like no one else.

We thank the excellent management and work done by Albert Casanovas this year in the heart of the race team, supervised first-hand by Juan López,Gas Gas’ General Manager, and we welcome Marc Colomer, an incorporation which we have no doubt will keep on bringing new successes to Gas Gas in the following seasons.

Credit photos: N. Martínez / Gas Gas

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