Cornwall Warms Up for Winter OSET Cup


The Cornwall OSET Cup kick starts its Winter series this weekend with the first round taking place on Saturday 26 November at Garker, St Austell, PL26 8YE – start time 1pm.  The championship will run events at a variety of local venues, on the last Saturday of every month, up to April.  Start time will always be 1pm.


As the south west riders dig out thermals and gloves in preparation for the cold weather, they’ll have no difficulty locating the wet weather gear, as the Summer series was plagued with rain.


Bucking the trend for the last round with a fine day, Howard Stevens, organiser, said: “Hopefully the tide has turned and we’ll enjoy a run of dry trials through the colder months.  We had 32 kids at that event and given when we first started we had around half a dozen, we’re delighted to see the OSET Cups continue to go from strength to strength.


“We have a great time at Camborne and Redruth MCC events and we’re delighted to be so well supported.  As long as the kids are having fun while developing their riding ability that’s what it’s all about!”


Howard added: “The start of a new championship is always an opportunity to take stock and for parents and riders to decide what they’re aiming to achieve.  Riding up a level to develop skill, building confidence or simply just for fun, the riders below will all be making those decisions after some brilliant summer riding!”

4 year old Andrew Hancock
4 year old Andrew Hancock

On the hard course the kids have been mixing it up at every round and at the final round the results saw Johnathan Hancock take first, Ronnie Richards in second and Jowan Davis take third.


The Medium Course mirrored the final standings apart from 6 year old Jack Pengilly who took the win while the easy course was an exact replica.


Michelle Horne, one of the organisers of the original OSET Cup in Yorkshire, and mum to three young boys, two of which now compete nationally, said: “It’s great to see so many young children taking part in such a fantastic sport.  Whether you ride for fun, as my youngest does, or want to step it up, events like the Cornwall OSET Cup are an ideal starting point.”


Summer Series Championship Results


Marley Davison
Marley Davison

Hard Course-

1st Jowan Davis

2nd Johnathan Hancock

3rd Ronnie Richards

4th Iris Richards.


Medium Course.

9 yrs – 1st Jowan Powell.

7 yrs – 1st Tyler Cole.

6 yrs – 1st Jory Wilcox-Sleep, 2nd Jack Pengilly, 3rd Jamie Goss, 4th Tom Powell


Easy Course

5 yrs – 1st Alfie Brown, 2nd Isaac Brazier, 3rd Tobias Smith, 4th Matthew Allen.

4 yrs – 1st Marley Davison, 2nd Leon Thomas, 3rd Andrew Hancock, 4th Dexter Tripconey

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