Crowthorne Championship, Rd 5


beginner podium - 1st Nate Robinson, 2nd Max Agar, 3rd Ben Woodcock
beginner podium – 1st Nate Robinson, 2nd Max Agar, 3rd Ben Woodcock


Cycle Trials took to the venue of Addlestone Moor on a lovely sunny day for round 5 of the Crowthorne championship with the ground damp and a little soggy in places due to the recent rain.

The trial with 6 sections to complete with a further seventh section to be ridden once only, with prize for the winner. The trial was designed for both adults and youths to ride together around and over obstacles with tight turns.

Tree routes caused a little problem with some riders but they had fun riding through the concrete tunnel and down the hills. There were 6 routes to choose from, with the new dabber route available for riders on balance bikes, all to be ridden 3 times around.

Section 1 was sited at the top end of the venue. Nate Robinson was first off along the track ledge and with lots of confidence rode it within the time limit of 2.5 minutes he would go on to be the star of the day dropping 2 marks and a last lap with no faults at all.
Expert riders rode along the concrete steps over the boulders before dropping down them, good brakes were required for this, then through the V in the tree The trick with this was to get one handlebar through before the other or like the advanced riders to jump it, beginners however rode around the trees very slowly. Novice rider Casey Moore from Surrey Heath rode without faults here, while 15 year old Toby Smith dropped just the one mark but would only drop 8 marks total on the day and win his route.

Section 2 was just a stone’s throw along the pathway a drop down the hillside with trees all around, once through its back up over the tree roots on the bank and with just the concrete tunnel inter riders and upwards had to drop of it. cleared first time by Adam Birchmore and Jamie Smith Beginners rode through it without catching your bars though Novice tackled the ramps over the stream around the tunnel. Max Agar on his very first cycle trial had his feet down too many times on his first attempt and so incurred a five, on his second lap he was getting to know the rules of cycle trials and lost 2 marks, then his 3rd lap was just perfect and by the end of the trial he would take the second spot on the podium just in front of Ben Woodcock who had trouble with this section.

Section 3 had all the riders riding down the hillside through close trees a tight left hander then back up using the concrete steps. Just in front of the exit gate lay a boulder that Aaron Carpenter caught with his back wheel and had him cross the tape which is a five, he was on zero points on his last lap and was set to win the inter class but this 5 marks relegated him down to 3rd place which he was not too happy with. The top 3 inter riders had only 6 points difference between them. Iwan Osbourne who had incurred the drive from Wales did not leave empty handed as rode the Elite Class and secured First Place which he was well happy with.

Section 7 was the fun section to be ridden just the once which took place after the cycle trial, riders were in two groups and tackled the refurbished BMX track as a race. Group 1 was won by Ben Woodcock and group 2 was won by Toby Smith who took Adam Birchmore on the last burn of the track and then Adam Holt who had led from the start just ran out of steam on the last 50 yards. A good days sport for all.                     

For full results please visit the online Bike trial UK website.  

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