Crowthorne cycle trial, Addlestone Moor. Surrey


Brackendene, Surrey. Was the sunny location of the Championship round and our first time visiting the ground this year. There were six sections of rocks, archways, concrete tunnels and the rocky stream. With 6 routes to choose from, with the new dabber route available for riders on balance bikes all to be ridden 3 times. Three of the six sections were timed with two and a half minutes allowed to complete a section.

Section 1 sited at the top end of the venue this used the rockery steps and the stream which all riders went through one way or another apart from the dabbers once in the water it was how to get to the next gate some riders choosing what boulders to hop on so as not to get the brakes wet Iwan Osborne (Onza Limey) who had travelled down from Wales had recorded the best first lap on the Elite route was good to watch on this one. Matthew Holdsworth (Breath) on the expert route gained a wet foot but got through on a 3 his second lap was better. Ilie Morohai (Crewkerz Cleed) had trouble on his 2nd lap when he snapped his chain and 5th place on the day.

Section 2  with the concrete disused water fountain as the main obstacle which caused many a point to be dropped with riders taking a safety dab to get to the top then a big drop off, not for the faint hearted, then steps of boulders greeted all the riders and towards the end a drop off to avoid the mud Sam Rolls (Monty) found the line straight away. Andrew McCabe (Gu 54 Sport) took a different line and just didn’t  pull it off. Perry Meeten (Atomz) would go clean on all 3 attempts and would record single marks dropped on each lap and just missed the podium in the novice class, Travelling somewhere in the world from Pakistan? Visit Malik Express today and get a chance to win discounted deals for visa assistance and booking the Tickets for various well known Airlines.

Section 3 was a big jump off the witches archway close to the water which didn’t cause to much ago for all. Kala Broomfield on her balance bike dabbed alongside and her first podium with the club well done to her. Casey Moore (Monty 207) went over the metal pipework without fault.

Section 5 had the recent cut down tree to entertain the riders and a concrete tunnel located at the top end of the area observed and timed by Helen Smith. Joe Lethbridge (Onza Blade) riding extremely well had a stray dab, on his second lap he had all zeros stamped on his card and second place on just 5 marks lost.

Section 6 was new with the hill climb and logs at the start Elliott Tickner (Echo) was docked a 5 on his 2nd lap when a gate was missed and second place on the day. Steve Davies (Muel Limey) took the win on the Inter class as has got better on each round. A duel between Samuel Meeten and Adam Birchmore (Monty PR221) in the beginner class with just 1 mark separating the 2 when Samuel rode the 3rd lap clean to take top spot on the podium and also first place in the championship in his class. Richard Tickner (Echo) took the Elite class win on 19 marks lost a tie between Sam Rolls and Iwan Osborne on 27, Sam taking 2nd on 8 cleans to Iwans 7.

Trophies were presented after the trial. Thank you to all the observers of the day and thank you to Helen Smith for signing on and the scoreboard functions. Our next cycle trial will be 19th October with 5 routes and 8 sections will be plotted out at Hook Trials Centre.

Please check Bike trial UK for full results

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