Crowthorne Cycle Trial, Round 7

Crowthorne Cycle Trial – Round 7.
Brackendene, Addlestone Moor

 Novice Class podium. 1st. Jamie Smith. 2nd. Aaron Carpenter. 3rd. Adam Birchmore
Novice Class podium. 1st. Jamie Smith. 2nd. Aaron Carpenter. 3rd. Adam Birchmore

The Final Champ round of the year and the second time this year that the club has used this venue of the disused ornamental garden of Surrey, six sections with 5 routes, from the Beginner to Elite Class.

Using the rocks and both sides of the stream, the ground was dry and the forecast was sunshine, so it was going to be a good cycle trial to gain the remaining points towards the championship. After the first lap 4 Novice class riders were on less than 7 points. 

Adam Birchmore (Monty 221) had a 5 on section 6 which was constructed on the day by riders and parents lifting and pulling, tugging you name it, the logs and cut down trees moved into place and the markers went out with a very awkward start where riders ran their front wheel close to the bank one slip and they were in the deep water with maybe a lost bike, then a sharp turn by the laurel bushes. Once through this they were in the clearing to tackle the logs. 

Darren Ring (GU) would slip midway through the section for a 2 but was still good enough to take the first place on 16 marks with Elliott Tickner (Echo) on 18 marks. This score of Darren’s and the win would take him to top the Inter class. Section 4 was long with riders having to cross the water there was a dogleg of planks to avoid the water but riders had to get the turn right. Charlie Crabtree (Monty) on just his second cycle trial decided to ride ofthe concrete and into the water on all 3 attempts once over he had to ride through the tunnel where someone had made life even more difficult by putting a slanted log in place, even so Charlie managed to just take the 3 marks on all goes and a top podium finish.

Inter classes and above had a bolder to contend with before a drop off the archway. All had to take a one to avoid a fault and collect a 5 stamped on the card. Adam Boxall (Rockman) just could not get this section quite right. Toby Smith (Ozony) lost a total of 6 points with well-planned dabs. Section 5 had the recently uncovered 2nd water fountain overlooking the concrete spiral staircase which caused riders to drop marks as they were high up and not much grip. Expert rider Adam Holt on the 26” wheel got through it for just the two which he was well happy with. Novice rider Casey Moore (207) after a fall on a previous section went for it and cleaned it with plenty of time left.

Aaron Carpenter (Echo) finished on just the 2 on the day for second place just behind Jamie Smith (Koxx). Perry Meeten (Atomz) missed the podium this time in 4th place just beating his son Samuel. The Presentation of the yearly awards will be made at Hook Woods trials centre and incorporate a fun cycle trial of 16 sections. Thank you for all who participated in this trial   

All results can be seen on the Bike trial UK web site. 

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