Crowthorne Penultimate Championship Round

Novice winner Casey Moore
Novice winner Casey Moore

Round 6 of the Crowthorne champs was staged on a dry sunny day in Hertfordshire, 5 routes with the addition of the dabber bike class for non-pedal bikes were on offer.

A good turnout of youth and adult riders all eager to try the 6 sections laid out during the early hours of Sunday. The forecast was to be sun all day so the ground was going to dry out from the late afternoon rain. Berkhamstead MCC has been busy at it again at Nash Mills constructing new pieces to tackle.

Section 1 The water fall section has been extended with new blocks and concrete to ride with so many lines. All riders going over the tractor tyres to start and making their way to the top, apart from the beginner/dabbers who out skirted the lower dome. Logan Lake competing in his 2nd trial with us on the 10 inch balance bike loved this section scooting along the railway sleepers a perfect score each time. Balance bikes were only meant to do two laps but Logan continued to do a further two when he had a new riding partner namely Sebastian Grundy who would drop just 4 marks on the day and second place for him on his very first cycle trial. Alin Milian (Ozony) and Zamarie Nicolac (Breath) had trouble with the top boulder of the section when both decided to tackle the Elite route they both would get through on a 1 on their last lap though.

Elliott Tickner, 4th place Expert
Elliott Tickner, 4th place Expert

Section 2. Was a new bit of construction a long gulley of rocks but with the addition of incorporating the slabs beforehand and a pit with little grip to get up it, almost all the riders took a safety dab here apart from Charlie Rolls (Crossbow) and Scott Wilson (Bik3) who were going around together, they took it from the other side and just side hopped it.
A few slips from the novice riders but a particularly excellent ride of the day from Casey Moore (Onnit) who cleaned the entire novice route without incurring a fault. Brian Elsey (Scrap Iron) taking it a little easy and getting back into completion mode was unfortunate when a rock moved and he had to take a steady dab here only 12 marks on the day lost, and a good fourth place. George Clark (Onza Sting) would take his first win with the club. 2 cards handed in with all zeros.
Hannah Moore (Koxx Sky) would stand on the podium in 2nd place on 3 marks lost with Ben Woodcock (Ozony) 3rd  nine marks adrift of Hannah. Jason lake on the Marino street bike found the bike a little different in the sections coping with the terrain but got better each lap on his last lap just 7 marks lost, But William Clark (Bik3) on all 3 laps in single figures would beat Jason, but would just miss a podium spot.

Section 3. Featured Logs and cut down trees with slabs Expert/Elite class Adam Holt doing the big moves on the slags would pay off and the bronze trophy was his. Darren Ring (GU) pipping him for the silver. A tie for first in the inter class with Adam Birchmore (Monty 221) and Aaron Carpenter (Ozony) losing just one mark on the day after checking the scorecards the win went to Adam as he went the furthest clean and this was his first win ever in the inter class well done to him. The eventual winner of the elite route was Charlie Rolls  8 marks in front of Scott Wilson with Zamarie Nicolac third place.

Results on Bike Trial UK web site

Thank you to Berkhamstead MCC for the use of their excellent land

And thank you to all the observers and helpers.

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